25 Best Christian YouTubers to Watch in 2022

Are you looking for the best Christian YouTubers? In this article, we are going to share the best Christian YouTube channels.

If you are Christian, then you probably might have a challenge. Such as trying to find quality and positive content on YouTube. Many times, it becomes difficult to find Christian content on YouTube. This is why we are sharing the best Christian vloggers list.

Christian YouTubers

Best Christian YouTubers to Watch in 2022

All the youtube channels in this list are ranked due to three different factors. Upload frequency, content quality, and entertainment. Let’s get started:

Jon Jorgenson

This channel is run by Chicago native Jon Jorgenson. With nearly 454K subscribers, Jon runs one of the most popular Christian youtube channels. Known best for his spoken word poetry, John has a handful of really successful YouTube videos. Some of these videos have views in the several million. With videos running about 6-10 minutes or so, every single video showcases a unique sense of style and art.

As a poet, a spoken word artist, an author, and an all-around cool guy, John gets you coming back looking for more. His videos tend to have a different theme, depending upon which day you watch his videos. For example on certain days, he has a “Day in the word” where he opens up the bible and does more of a bible study format.

He has “story time” with his wife “Sweet Bear”, and even has an entire video dedicated to his spoken word poetry. So no matter who you are and what your interests are. You are sure to find at least one video that you are going to enjoy.

The Bible Project

With nearly 2.87M subscribers, we recommend you to check out The Bible Project. The Bible project is a YouTube channel run by a couple of guys who did their best to help other people like you understand the bible better. The videos are such a high quality that it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that each of these videos must take dozens upon dozens of hours to create.

The storytelling and artwork done in the conjunction with these videos are of top-notch quality. They’re able to transform what is usually at risk to be a dull lecture into something very engaging. With a bird’ eye view of entire books of the Bible and themes of the bible, anyone looking for serious and meaningful content on YouTube will be pleased by this channel.

Amen Worldwide

Having more than 311K subscribers, this entire channel devotes itself to great Christian music. No matter who you are and what your preferences for music are, there’s going to be something for you to find. With playlists that focus on a specific genre of music such as hymns and even acoustic music ranging to electronica and hip-hop. You are sure to find some music that can be a blessing for you.

Joseph Solomon

Joseph Solomon is another really solid Christian YouTube channel. With rants and talks about a variety of different subjects from dating, discipleship, and even music. Joseph Solomon is a relevant YouTube channel for young people. Joe is not afraid to tackle some of the harder subjects in life. if you’re a young person looking for someone to talk about relevant issues like social justice, women, dating. Make sure to check out Joe’s YouTube channel.

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey certainly isn’t known for his YouTube channel. He’s known for radio. He hosts one of the largest radio programs in the entire United States. Known best for his no-nonsense approach to financial advice. Dave Ramsey is someone that I’ve been tuning into on regular basis. You can use some of his methods to get yourself out of debt. If you are looking for Bible-based advice on all things financial, be sure to check them out.

Melissa Dougherty

Melissa Dougherty is one of those people that’s just super talented and super creative. On her channel, you will see all sorts of different types of videos ranging from satire or skits where she acts out different characters. You will also find Christian art and answering biblical questions and some interviews as well.

Whaddo You Meme?

If you are looking for a biblical worldview on what’s going on in pop culture or current events of the day. Then I would highly recommend you to check out this Christian YouTuber. He also does other videos where he refutes atheism and some of the most popular questions that atheists ask.

Mike Winger

Another Christian YouTuber on the list is Mike Winger. The reason why I like Mike’s channel is his whole focus is to help you think biblically about everything. Whether it’s a current event or some sort of apologetic issue or questions or what’s going on around the world. You can find out Mike helping you process it and think biblically about what’s going is going on in the world.

Cross Examined

Dr. Frank Turek hosts this Christian youtube channel. If you ever struggled to defend your faith and you have people around you whether they are atheists or unbelievers. The difficult questions that people ask about the bible, faith, and Christianity. Then definitely you should check out the Cross Examined YouTube channel.

Christian YouTubers 2022 List

Below you can check out the YouTube channels of some more Christian YouTubers. You will surely find their videos helpful. All youtube channel links are shared below:

If I miss a Christian YouTube channel that you enjoy, let us know in the comments.

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