User not Found on Instagram? All Reasons & Solutions

If you searched for someone on Instagram and got no user found or user not found. Then don’t worry because in this article we are going to troubleshoot this problem. In such scenarios, most Instagram users think either their account is deleted or blocked. There are several reasons why you get a “no users found Instagram” error.

In this article, we have covered all the frequently asked questions. Sometimes you encounter this error because either user has disabled their Instagram account. Or you have mistyped your Instagram username. Type your id to easily find your username in real-time on Instagram.

no users found instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about this issue. Take a look:

user not found Instagram am I blocked

On Instagram, if someone has completely blocked you neither you can access their profile nor can message them. The only solution is to create a new Instagram account and follow that person again.

user not found on Instagram but the picture shows

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, then you will only be able to see their picture. So when you search for the username and profile picture shows but encounter no users Instagram found. Then 100% chances are that specific person has blocked you.

Instagram user not found but can see bio

Instagram users not found but still being able to see their bio means the person has limited your access to their profile. The other person doesn’t want you to have access to his/her profile and you still follow them on Instagram.

Instagram user not found but can message

If you are facing Instagram users not found but still be able to send messages. Then probably chances are that person has changed their username. Send them a text message and ask about their new Instagram username.

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Why do You get a “user not found” error on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2022. There are several reasons which you face this error. Sometimes it might be because of a bug in the Instagram platform. Or because of other reasons which we are going to to share below:

User not Found on Instagram

Typed the wrong username

If a username is mentioned or tagged in an Instagram post. But when you click on the username, you encounter the “users not found” error. And you start thinking that someone has blocked you. Mostly it’s because of the wrong username typed.

Other person changed their username

It is one of the common reasons due to which you face this error. If someone recently changed their Instagram username, then you will get the error searching through their old username. So if a user gets tagged in a post but changed their username, then you will see the “users not found” error.

Temporarily disabled account

Sometimes you get users not found error because the person has disabled his/her Instagram account. So you will not be able to view their profile. Also when you search their username, you will get this error.

Account Deleted

Instagram has always been strict when it comes to its policy and privacy. If the user has violated Instagram policy, then Instagram will delete their account. Once it’s done, you will get an Instagram user not found error.

Banned by Instagram

If the person has violated the Instagram TOS, chances are he/she is banned by Instagram. Then you will not be able to see their profile. And if Instagram fully deletes their account, then you won’t be able to view posts as well.

How to Fix User Not Found on Instagram

As we discussed earlier in the post,  either you are blocked, banned, or your account deleted. If that’s the case, the only solution is to create a new Instagram account. But if you have mistakenly typed a username, make sure to find the correct username.

I hope this detailed guide helped you to fix the user not found on Instagram error in 2022. If you are still facing the issue, let me know in the comments and I will try to help you.

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